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Some people tell us it's the best newsletter on the Internet. We don't know about that, but the Cars On Line newsletter is subscribed to by over 16,000 potential buyers each week. We do know that it is the only place on the Internet where you can find collector car news, and stories that effect the collector car hobby.

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And there is a reason why we have so many readers. We put a little sweetener in each copy of the newsletter. We give you a link to all the new listings on the Cars On Line website. This New Listings page is updated in real time so that if you check it often, you may be the first one to get a chance to buy a rare car before anyone else gets a shot at it. You will be the first to see all the new Cars On Line ads on the internet. Subscribe to our email newsletter (above) which comes out every Friday afternoon in time for the weekend.

A few years ago someone in Tennessee listed a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible for sale for just $34,000 in our Mopar section. When we put a SOLD sign on that ad there must have been a whole lotta' Mopar enthusiasts who were kickin' themselves for missing out when that ad was first listed. Timing is everything when you want to get that once in a lifetime bargain. In the newsletter each week you'll find a link which we call the New Listings link. That is the one you want to check each week when you receive the fresh copy of the newsletter. It has all of the newest listings, and we post them there in real time.

The most commonly asked question here at the Cars On Line headquarters is "Which ones are the 'new' ads?" People who check the site daily don't want to wade through 50,000 classic car photo ads when they may have seen many of them on a previous visit. You want an easy method of finding the newest ads fast. So we've developed the New Listings page to get you the information you need fast. Our data base automatically lists all the fresh ads as they come in. Just check the page everyday and you'll never miss out on a hot listing. You'll find a fresh edition of the New Listings page in the newsletter each week (the New Listings page expires every Thursday evening so to get the fresh listings starting on Friday you need the most recent New Listings page which is only available in the Friday edition of the newsletter.)

The newsletter also has a Price Changes page where you can see all the ads with a fresh PRICE REDUCED tag on them. Especially in this current market, sometimes prices are drastically reduced and the sale happens quickly. You want to be the first one to know when the red PRICE REDUCED tag is placed on an existing ad. (When the newsletter is published each week, you get a fresh link to the New Listings page and the Price Changes page. The link will expire on Thursday of each week. Then on Friday you'll get a fresh link in a new newsletter. Bookmark these pages in "favorites" on your Internet browser on Friday when the newsletter first comes out.)

The newsletter gives you inside information that no one else is privy to. For instance, Cars On Line consultant Larry Kolb will give you his oberservations and analysis of the market. We keep you posted as to whether collector car prices are "going up" or "coming down." This is "need-to-know" information. Don't buy too high or sell too low. You'll know what is happening to prices because you'll hear it first in the Cars On Line newsletter. We'll also offer inside information on cars that are listed, and allow you to preview some of the outstanding DEALs of the DAY before they are posted on our homepage.You'll enjoy features like the CAR INSPECTIONS feature where we let you "inside" to see a complete inspection report with insights into what we find when we inspect cars being sold on the internet. We'll also show you the new video ads and tell you how you can do video in your ads.

We tell you when the Car Show Calendar dates are published and review some of the world's top car shows and auctions. You'll get inside information on car shows and auctions that will have an impact on the market. Be the first to hear about them in the Cars On Line Daily Update newsletter.

Another popular feature of our newsletter is the SOLD notifications. Once a week we let you see all the SOLD ads which were sold by private sellers in the past week. Its a great analysis tool to see which cars are actually selling and what price ranges they fall into. By knowing the price and quality of cars that actually have SOLD, you become a smarter buyer and can spot new trends as they happen.

DISCLAIMER: Readers should be aware that the editiorial comments made in this newsletter are strictly the opinion of the author, Larry Kolb. These comments are his views of the marketability of these cars based on information provided by the sellers. Neither Mr. Kolb nor Cars On Line will profit from the sale of any of the cars mentioned here. These comments are not to be mistaken for advertising. None of these vehicles has been inspected by Cars On Line. No warranty of these vehicles is implied or given by Cars On Line. It is strongly recommended that anyone interested in the purchase of these vehicles should consider the benefits of having them inspected before the sale.