Cars On Line's

Inspection Referral Service

What's The Cost?

Our base rate for inspections and appraisals is $275. Our base rate applies in most of the large metro areas where we have coverage. Rural areas that require extra travel may also include extra mileage charges.

Compare our rates to traditional appraisal companies! Our low costs are making inspections more affordable. More classic cars are being offered for sale now through the Internet. But often those cars are too far away for you to physically inspect yourself. And you CAN'T afford to lay down your hard earned money on a car sight unseen.

That's where the Cars On Line inspection service comes in. Most of our inspectors are ASE Certified Technicians or Certified Appraisers who do these inspections every day. We also use classic restoration shop technicians who have a good knowledge of building collector cars. These technicians can tell you if the electrical system has been jury rigged, if body panels are hung improperly, if a cylinder is popping oil or if a body mount is rusted out. These types of repairs could drop the car from being rated as a No. 2 condition car to a No. 4 condition car. That could be the difference of $20,000 or more.

We will also take digital photos of the vehicle and deliver them via email.

The Cars On Line Inspection Referral Service can allow you to take advantage of those great deals on the Internet. Although we will not find every problem with every car, we will help you determine the proper condition class to rate the car in, and in so doing you will know what price range the vehicle actually belongs in. When buying over the Internet, the buyer is taking on all the risk. Most people use our service for "peace of mind." Inspection Service
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