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Photos are an Important Part of the Inspection

Probably the most innovative part of Cars On Line's approach to doing classic car inspections is the use of photos in the report. From day one, we recognized how important a set of photos taken by the inspector are. Remember, no matter how many photos the seller sends you, what you want to know is what the seller is "not showing you." That's where our inspection photos come in.

In every inspection we do a standard set of photos: all four corners of the exterior of the car, interior, top, carpeting, dash, trunk, back seat, windows, chrome, metal panels, doors and the frame rails and undercarriage of the car.

In addition to the standard photos, we ask the inspector to use his knowledge to identify in photo form anything that is "not right" about the vehicle, i.e. pitted chrome, rusted frames, cracks in the dash, saggy headliners, badly hung body panels, etc. Inspection Service
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