Cars On Line's

Inspection Referral Service

Appraisals Included

When you have your classic car inspected, the appraisal value is part of our inspection process. And its included in the price of the inspection service.

Most appraisers will charge you $350 and up for a classic car appraisal. And they do not give you a written report on the technical-mechanicals of the car. They are concerned only with the value, not whether the rear seal is leaking or a cylinder is popping oil.

When you think about what the Cars On Line Referral Service offers for your "peace of mind" alone, you have to admit, its a great value for a basic price of just $275.

Our inspections/appraisals are welcomed by major insurance companies and banks because our inspectors are accurate in valuations and very specific in technical detail. If you are using the Cars On Line inspection report for a lending institution, be sure to ask for a separate appraisal letter to give to your bank. Inspection Service
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