Cars On Line's

Inspection Referral Service

How It Works

Our inspector contacts the seller/owner of the classic car you want to have inspected, sets up the appointment and does the inspection. You receive a four-page report complete with an appraised value and supporting photos. You will receive the report via email

First we always ask you to contact the seller and tell him you want to have the vehicle inspected. That's really important. If the seller objects to your request, he may be telling you something right there. We need the cooperation of the seller to do a good report for you. If sellers are not cooperating, our inspectors note that on the report. That's always a bad sign.

Use the online Place Order form.

Provide the following
  1. name, address, and daytime phone number of the person selling the vehicle or his agent.
  2. the year, make and model of the vehicle to be inspected and any special issues you want us to investigate.
  3. your name, address, phone number, and Visa or Mastercard information (see "What's the Cost?" page) Inspection Service
Call 1-800-880-5105

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