How To Buy A Classic Car Online

Getting the Most out of an Online Car Purchase

Buying a collector car online has become the best way to buy in today’s car market. Taking advantage of a dealer with a large inventory you can tour online, or a private seller using a site like Cars On Line, can get you the car you want at a fair price. With only a few exceptions, the concerns of an online buyer are no different than those of one looking at a car in-person. As part of an ongoing series, Cars On Line will be guiding you through the challenges that can accompany an online car purchase.

Collecting, Investing and Joy Riding

When making the decision to buy a collector car, a buyer first needs to decide what they’ll want to be doing with the car. Criteria for a purchase will be wildly different for a car that’s going to be competing at national shows than one that’s going to be driven at every opportunity.

When considering a car as an investment there are even more aspects of a purchase to consider. We’ll discuss what kinds of documentation a car will need to achieve the highest levels of collectability, and therefore demand the highest dollar. When purchasing a car as an investment, you may find some helpful information in the following articles:


  • determine conditionDetermining Condition Class
    Before you know what price to pay for a collector car you will need to assess the vehicle's condition class.
  • car valuesHow to Determine Classic Car Values
    Once you know which car you'd like to purchase, you're going to want to know what you should pay for it.
  • documentationImportance of Documentation
    You may have heard that it is valuable to have proper documentation for an investment quality car. But what does that mean?
  • classic car inspectionsClassic Car Inspection Service
    Don't buy sight unseen. If you can't see it in-person yourself, hire a reliable inspector to do it for you.
  • bill of saleUsing a Bill of Sale
    In an online transaction the buyer is taking most of the risk. Learn about one of the principle methods to mitigate that risk.
  • car market scamsClassic Car Market Scams
    Familiarize yourself with some of the most common internet scams plaguing the online car market, and learn how to avoid them.
  • auto transportUsing Auto Transport Services
    Getting your newly purchased car from one place to another over the United States can present some challenges, but there are services that will help you out.
  • water damageHow to Spot a Water-Damaged Car
    These tips will help you to identify a car that's been damaged by water, and steer you around making a mistake that could cost you thousands.
  • the transactionCompleting the Transaction
    Know what to expect when it comes time to buy.