Hot August Nights 2013

The swap meet area at the Livestock Events Center of the county fairgrounds covered many acres, filled with parts and auto related vendors.

Hot August Nights 2013

Swap Meet and Car Corral at the Livestock Events Center

We were blown away when we visited the giant Swap Meet for Hot August Nights held at the Wasoe County Livestock Events Center. It included an big indoor Car Corral as well as an outdoor area twice as big for selling cars. The outdoor Car Corral was adjacent to the swap meet area. There were acres and acres of parts for sale. I found some original manuals and operation guides for my '68 Firdbird.

The Swap Meet, a tradition started by William Harrah, offers pre-1976 automotive parts, services and nostalgic items for sale by over 500 vendors. Attendees will also see well over 400 Collector Vehicles offered "For Sale" in the outdoor car corral that is adjacent to the swap area.

There were about 100 cars in the Car Corral area of the Swap Meet. Hundreds more were in the outdoor portion of the Car Corral. Fresh vehicles were showing up each day.

One swap space had a huge selection of wheels, hubcaps and trim rings. This vendor says he only does a limited number of shows these days. This is one of the few venues he goes to. So you can only find them here.

Several vendors had front and rear bumpers for Tri Fives and more. They'll take your trade ins.

This vendor makes parts and equipment for hot rodders.

We spent the better part of two days here. There were an awful lot of vendors to talk to.

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