Hot August Nights 2013

As the sun shines on the Grand Sierra Hotel show cars are arriving constantly. This amazing display was interupted on Thursday by a gigantic thunderstorm.

Hot August Nights 2013

Car Show at the Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino

The Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino in Reno hosts a giant Show & Shine every day. By early in the evening cars are arriving constantly. Cruising on the grounds is one way to see the entire show without having to walk.

The most beautiful Rio Red 1958 Chevrolet Impala Convertible was on hand at the Grand Sierra Show & Shine.

As the sun played on the amazing paint on this light turquoise 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible it showed its amazing brilliance. This one had the gold V and trim.

A 1954 Chevy Panel Delivery was stretched to a "crew cab" size. It was positioned perfectly under the Grand Sierra towers for this shot.

The paint on this 1972 Chevelle was flawless and its pearlescent quality had an amazing effect in the sun light.

A 1967 Shelby GT350 was present. It stood out because it was an original classic Shelby Mustang, not a clone. The clones are all over the place out here, but this was a real one. The placard said it had orignial paint. You would not believe how beautiful Acapulco Blue is until you see it in this sun light. The air cleaner was signed by Carroll Shelby.

Another candidate for Best Paint would be this 1963 Corvette Custom Split Window Coupe with pearlescent yellow and contrasting Blue/Purple accents.

The painter on this 1937 Ford Coupe wanted to play with pearlescents. This car was a clean palate for his work. Nice.

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