classic car financing

Classic Car Financing

Why wait for your dream car? Finance it now

Are you ready to purchase your dream car? Unless you are paying cash, you need the services of a specialized company that provides classic car loans to buyers of classic and collector cars. Yes there are companies that specialize in collector car loans. Collector car financing is becoming a big business and many companies are ready to compete for your loan. So it is best to know what car financing alternatives are available prior to making any offer to purchase.

Consider some of the following questions when shopping for the best rates for car loans for your classic car, collector car or muscle car:

  • Does the company provide car loans on older vehicles?
  • Is there an application fee for auto loans?
  • Are there any hidden fees associated with the car loan?
  • Will my car loan application information be kept confidential?
  • How large of a car loan can you get?
  • Many companies have auto loan programs even if you have credit problems or bankruptcy history. If this applies to you ask if they have special car loan programs for your situation.
  • How is interest calculated? Is it a fixed or variable rate auto loan?
  • How many months is the car loan for? What are your options?
  • Once you get a car loan quote ask how long the quote is valid for.
  • Ask if there are prepayment penalties on the car loan. What about fees for late loan payments, etc.
  • Does the company provide automatic payment plans?

There are many fine companies offering car loans and auto loans for classic and specialty cars. Educate yourself regarding the alternatives available to you when soliciting quotes. Interest rates vary widely based on your credit score and loan term. Above all make sure that the companies you are dealing with have solid reputations prior to divulging any of your personal financial information. Good luck in finding a car loan for your next classic or collector car.