How To Buy A Classic Car Online

Tips and Techniques To Help Buyers in Purchasing Their Collector Car Online

One of our Most Frequently Asked Questions is "How do I buy a Classic Car Online?" Here are some tips to help you steer your way through the process.


  • buying cars onlineWelcome to How to Buy a Car Online
    We often see buyers who are unhappy with their purchase because they know so little about the car they are buying. How to Buy a Classic Car Online is here to help.

Buying a Car Online

  • classic car inspectionsClassic Car Inspection Service
    Don't buy sight unseen. If you can't see it in-person yourself, hire a reliable inspector to do it for you.
  • bill of saleUsing a Bill of Sale
    In an online transaction the buyer is taking most of the risk. Learn about one of the principle methods to mitigate that risk.
  • determine conditionDetermining Condition Class
    Before you know what price to pay for a collector car you will need to assess the vehicle's condition class.
  • documentationImportance of Documentation
    You may have heard that it is valuable to have proper documentation for an investment quality car. But what does that mean?
  • Marti ReportDocumentation: The Marti Report
    Ford, Lincoln and Mercury owners have one of the best methods of documentation available: the Marti Report.
  • PHS ReportDocumentation: Pontiac Historic Services
    What exactly will you get when you purchase a PHS document packet? We had the same questions, so we bought one and recorded the results for you.
  • car valuesHow to Determine Classic Car Values
    Once you know which car you'd like to purchase, you're going to want to know what you should pay for it.
  • the transactionCompleting the Transaction
    Know what to expect when it comes time to buy.
  • car market scamsClassic Car Market Scams
    Familiarize yourself with some of the most common internet scams plaguing the online car market, and learn how to avoid them.
  • auto transportUsing Auto Transport Services
    Getting your newly purchased car from one place to another over the United States can present some challenges, but there are services that will help you out.
  • importing carsImporting a Car from Canada to the U.S.
    Any time a vehicle crosses a border, there are certain rules and regulations that a collector needs to be aware of. This week's article will give you a place to start.
  • water damageHow to Spot a Water-Damaged Car
    These tips will help you to identify a car that's been damaged by water, and steer you around making a mistake that could cost you thousands.
  • cautionary taleA Cars On Line Cautionary Tale
    Cars On Line wants a good experience for all our users, but here's a rare negative experience that could teach you about what to look for when buying a car online.
  • chevelle ssIdentifying a Chevelle SS
    Use these tips to help you make the right decision when buying a Chevelle SS. Learn ways to use the VIN, trim tag and deck plate to determine if a Chevelle SS is real.
  • impala ssIdentifying an Impala SS
    Use these tips to help you make the right decision when buying a 1965 Impala SS. Learn ways to use the VIN, trim tag, and more to determine if an Impala SS is real.
  • winter storageStore Your Collector Car for Winter
    When winter winds start howling and ice begins creeping across the windshield, it's time to park your collector car in the garage for the season. Here's how.
  • car insuranceStandard vs Collector Car Insurance
    Buying a collector car is just the beginning of becoming! You'll want to protect your investment, but there's some nuances you might want to familiarize yourself with first.
  • car insuranceShopping for Collector Car Insurance
    If your collector car is ready for the open road, one thing is for sure. You need to be shopping for collector car insurance.
  • car insuranceWhen You Need Collector Car Insurance
    Getting into an accident is always a jarring experience, but knowing how to use your insurance and what to expect can make things easier.

Selling a Car Online

  • car photographyHow to Photograph a Car
    Taking good, engaging photographs is critical to getting more from your car sale. Photographs in an ad say a lot about the person trying to sell the car too.
  • car videographyHow to Make a Video Ad
    Don't be intimidated by getting your video camera or phone out when putting together an ad to sell your car. Buyers will want to give priority to ads with videos.

Collector Car Interests

  • car showsBest Summer Car Shows
    You don't have to be in the market to buy a car to enjoy the hobby. Here's a list of car shows in the U.S. you might consider this summer.
  • car museumsBest Collector Car Museums in the U.S.
    No matter the season, a trip to a local collector car museum can invigorate the hobby. Here's some of Cars On Line's picks for the best collector car museums in the United States.
  • horsepowerUnderstanding Horsepower
    What is horsepower? It might not mean exactly what you think.
  • horsepowerMore Horsepower
    Now that you know about horsepower, here's some things car enthusiasts have done to crank out a little more from their cars.

Car Auctions

  • car auctionsCollector Car Auctions
    Here's some of Cars On Line's favorite collector car auctions inside of the United States. You'll also get tips about buying a car at auction.
  • car auctionsBuying a Car at Auction: Part 1
    Get ready for your first trip to a classic car auction with this guide from Cars On Line. Learn what it takes to get the right car at the right price.
  • car auctionsBuying a Car at Auction: Part 2
    You've done your research and are standing under the tent at the auction where you intend to put your first bid down. What now?
  • car auctionsSelling a Car at Auction: Part 1
    What do you have to do to earn more when bringing your classic car to an auction? Read tips to attracting more bidders and learn what it takes to be successful at an auction.
  • car auctionsSelling a Car at Auction: Part 2
    See what resources you can bring to bear that will help you earn more for your car at a collector car auction. We detail simple, effective methods to boost your sale.

Car Auctions

  • dealer vs privateCars On Line Ads: Dealer vs Private
    Cars On Line hosts ads for everyone that participates in the hobby, from local collectors to national dealerships. Here's how to tell the difference when looking at an ad.