1980 Shay Replica

Shay Replica . Shay 1980 Completely restored and upgraded. New paint, ($2500) new canvas top (not Vinyl). All new chrome. New interior with more room. 2 sets of wheels and tires. Chassis looks new (undercoated). New twin exhaust system. New brake lines. New chrome bolts and screws. Better than new. The very best there is. See shayhistory.com The car originally sold from Ford dealerships for 3 years. Only 5000 produced. Pinto engine and chassis. New twin AAAHHOOOGA horns. Lots of extra chrome. Special custom trunk.Model A running board rack. DVD AM FM Radio. email me for more pictures. Manual Transmission.

Price - $ 15,000

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Carlsbad, California US
Ad # 62379

1980 Shay Replica

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1980 Shay Replica 1980 Shay Replica 1980 Shay Replica

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