1969 Shelby GT-500 Convertible

Shelby GT-500 Convertible. During the Summer of 2007, my wife Patti & I went to Europe for our 25th Anniversary. We planned on going to Geneva, Switzerland to purchase a 1966 Shelby GT-350 that was sold new to Europe, now set up like an R model for some track use. While in Geneva, we found this wonderful 1969 GT-500 Convertible that was a little tired & painted Candy Apple Red. Once we looked thru the huge amount of paperwork, we noticed the cars provenance & options & nearly fell over !! This GT-500 Convertible bearing the serial # 481036 was sold new in the Ft.Lauderdale area @ Luke Bolton Ford which is about 15 minutes from us as we speak. A Mr.Dominick Barberi took delivery of it new in 1969. It was driven locally until 1975, afterward it was shipped off to Switzerland showing 15K miles at that time. The following info is now in the SAAC Registry accounting for every owner from new : Shipped to Luke Bolton Ford (Plantation, FL) 2/7/69. Invoiced 1/28/69. MSRP $5725.29/ dealer cost $4828.67. The original top may now be white. IBM sheet does not show p/vent. Purchased by the original owner Dominick Barberi (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 2/25/69. Warranty service 7/22/69 for wheel recall campaign U-01 with 3194 miles; 9/4/69 for ignition system and tilt wheel with 4407 miles; 10/11/69 for alternator problems; 10/29/69 for horn keeps blowing, tilt problems, rattle in window on r/door, water leak l/door, l/rear window handle fell off, r/door sags and d/seat broke loose at bottom with 5454 miles; fuel vent campaign U-05 with 15,719 miles. Purchased by Lars Eric Ahlberg (Arboga, SWE). Purchased by Stig Roger Wwinheimer (Spanga, SWE). Purchased by Bilfirma Bo Dyberg (Hagersten, SWE). Purchased by Stig Hansson (Norsburg, SWE). Purchased by Lennart Loef (Marsta, SWE). Purchased by Leif Fredriksson (Frolunda, SWE) who purchased the car BMW Red. Purchased by Andres Dahlquist (SWE) in 2005. Purchased Craig Brody (Weston, FL) in 2006 and now restored to original colors. After 2 full years, this is now the best example of a GT-500 with the rarest color & options on the planet. Having now lived in Europe for the last 31 years, it has near 95K kilometers which translates to only 59K original miles from new. It also still wears it's mandatory Euro Headlights & Amber side marker lights & they will stay that way forever if it is up to me. There is a folder that is 6" thick of owner history, every factory invoice, Marti Report & it is still on it's original Euro title as I don't want to change anything until she sells to it's next very happy owner. This is a true 100 point & there has been nothing left untouched PERIOD ! The Silverjade finish was copied from the original paint still left on the sides of the windshield pillars to be sure it was identical to the factory color. It's White interior is complimented by it's Black Soft Top...very different & the most beautiful color combo that the factory ever produced. It has it's matching # motor & C-6 Auto.Transmission along w/Factory Air Conditioning. This car was completely taken apart & every screw, clip, gas line & trim piece was replaced unless the originals were better than the repro item, ie. we rechromed the original bumpers & most of the trim items. This is what a real $150K. restoration looks like. That is why I restored all I could & it shows like dead new condition along w/Bentley quality Councours paint.Feel free to discuss this fabulous GT-500 w/me. This is as good as it gets ! Don't forget,bring your checkbook.Please check my site directly for many more photos of this cool Shelby GT-500 Convertible @ www.investmentmotorcars.net or to see many other cool cars I have for sale right now.

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1969 Shelby GT-500  Convertible

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1969 Shelby GT-500  Convertible 1969 Shelby GT-500  Convertible 1969 Shelby GT-500  Convertible

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